PediCAP has reached the 50% recruitment milestone

Musakanya Chingandu

Medical Officer, Vivian Mumbiro, examining a PedCAP participant

The PediCAP consortium is pleased to announce a major milestone. Site teams in Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa have successfully reached 50% recruitment of the PediCAP trial.

Of the 1100 expected participants of children hospitalised with severe or very severe pneumonia, 577 have been recruited so far. COVID-19 heavily impacted our recruitment efforts. Families, caregivers and research teams entered lockdown, and families altered their care-seeking patterns making it difficult for our site teams. Despite this, the commitment and drive of the site teams and all those involved in the PediCAP trial pushed us forward and we made it to this milestone.

Thank you to all the brave children and their families for being a part of our study and helping us find better treatment options for children with pneumonia.