PediCAP Consortium Meeting 2020 and COVID-19 pandemic

Elena Mozzo

PediCAP Consortium Meeting 2020 and COVID-19 pandemic

May 13, 2020news

After the kick-off Meeting held in Johannesburg last year, the PediCAP Consortium was expected to meet in Zimbabwe in June 2020.

Unfortunately, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and the related safety measures, the face-to-face meeting was canceled. A teleconference will instead be held on June, 17th where all working groups will be able to share their achievements so far and discuss the next steps.

After a careful evaluation and discussion of the COVID-19 situation in all participating countries the Consortium decided to continue with the trial set-up. The Consortium teleconference meeting will therefore represent a key opportunity to take stock of the pandemic state in all countries involved and plan the next step of the trial implementation subsequently.

The evolutions of COVID-19 will be regularly monitored and discussed to ensure that the patient and staff safety remain the primary priority in any decision leading the Consortium activities.