Microbiology sub-study sites receive training from LAB-Net

Elena Mozzo

At the end of 2021, LAB-Net provided training on the sampling and microbiology procedures to all five sites taking part in the microbiology sub-study in the Paediatric Community Acquired Pneumonia (PediCAP) project.  

Microbiologists, technicians and study investigators from local teams in South Africa, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe attended online training sessions conducted in November and December. Before the training, LAB-Net developed a sample collection and management manual and sampling instructions for the sites. The local study teams were provided with sample kits prepared and shipped by the central laboratory at the University of Antwerp. 

Appropriate training of the sites is of upmost importance to ensure the optimal collection of quality samples. These samples will be further analysed by Lab-Net using advanced molecular techniques such as DNA extraction, sequencing, and bioinformatics analysis to discover multidrug-resistant pathogens in order to shed more light on the impact of the co-amoxiclav treatment on the stool microbiome in children.  

All attendees completed an online evaluation that was developed in collaboration with The Global Health Network (TGHN), WP6 of the PediCAP project.  The evaluation assessed the participants’’ knowledge of key aspects of the microbiology procedures in the trial 

The five trained sites were activated for the microbiology sub-study and have begun recruiting.